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Association of Automobile Importers in Finland works in cooperation with authorities and other organizations to improve road safety and reduce the environmental impact of the traffic. One of the main tools to achiev the objectives is to introduce a shift from car purchase taxation to taxation based on usage, so that Finland's old vehicle fleet would begin rejuvenated.

The end-of life vehicle can easily be recycled through the official take-back points of the Finnish Car Recycling Ltd´s network. From the environmental perspective a shift to a newer car is worthwhile, because the emissions from the production are only a fraction of the emissions resulting from the use of a car. In addition, the CO2 emissions of new cars are constantly dimishing because of the development of technology.

Finland is a pioneer in car recycling. The EU's end-of life vehicle directive requires 95 per cent re-use and recovery rate in year 2015 and was achieved in Finland already in 2011.

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